Every vehicle needs regular maintenance checks to ensure that it continues to run efficiently and safely. Fred Beans Hyundai is proud to offer drivers in the Chalfont, Warrington, and Doylestown areas everything they need to care for their Hyundai Tucson throughout the life of the vehicle. That's why we've provided this handy maintenance schedule for reference on the timing of routine maintenance visits.

A Word About Usage Conditions

 This guide is intended for normal usage conditions. You should look into scheduling more frequent maintenance checks if you use your vehicle under any of the following unusual conditions:

  • Frequent short-distance drives, long periods of very low-speed drives, or frequent extended periods of idling
  • Rough, dusty, sandy, or muddy roads or any roads treated with salt or other corrosive substances
  • Mountainous areas or extended periods of extreme humidity or cold
  • Driving in heavy metropolitan traffic in hot weather (90ºF or above) more than 50% of the time

First Maintenance Check: 7,500 Miles

 If you bought your car new, your first maintenance check will come at the six-month mark or after 7,500 miles, whichever comes first. This service should include a tire rotation and an inspection of the vacuum hose and air cleaner filter. These three checks are regular maintenance procedures that need to occur every six months, so it's a good idea to schedule them at the same time.

In addition, at this mile mark or after 12 months, you should replace the engine and oil filters and add the Hyundai fuel additive.

Second Maintenance Check: 15,000 Miles

As well as the three regular maintenance checks, this 12-month or 15,000-mile check should involve inspections of the front and rear brake disc and pads, front brake calipers, all brake hoses and lines, drive shafts and boots, propeller shaft, exhaust pipe and muffler, air conditioning refrigerant, suspension mounting bolts, steering gear box and linkage, steering boots, and upper and lower arm ball joints. This is also the time to replace your climate control air filter.

In addition, at the 24-month mark or this mile mark, you should replace your engine oil and filter and add the Hyundai fuel additive again.

Third Maintenance Check: 22,500 Miles

This is the next point for the three regular maintenance checks. Also at this point or at the 36-month mark, you should again replace your engine oil and filter and add the Hyundai fuel additive.

30,000 Miles and Beyond

The 30,000-mile or 24-month mark should include an inspection of your steering gear box, steering linkage and boots, upper and lower arm ball joints, drive shafts and boots, exhaust pipe, muffler, propeller shaft, air conditioning refrigerant, suspension mounting bolts, brake fluid, fuel filter, fuel lines and hoses, fuel tank air filter, vapor hose, fuel filler cap, fuel tank, parking brake, brake fluid, brake hoses and lines, and all brake discs, pads and calipers.

As usual, you should have the three regular maintenance checks done as well. And at this point, you should have the air cleaner filter replaced as well as add the Hyundai fuel additive. In addition, you should replace your climate control air filter and your engine oil and filter.

You should continue scheduling routine maintenance checks beyond this mile mark to ensure that your Hyundai Tucson runs smoothly and safely. This protects you and your vehicle and can help to catch any problems early before they develop into more serious and costly repairs.

If you need to schedule a maintenance check in the Chalfont, Warrington, and Doylestown area, call Fred Beans Hyundai today.


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