When you want to keep your Hyundai Sonata performing at its best when you're out on the roads throughout the Doylestown, Warrington and Chalfont area, you need to keep up with the factory recommended maintenance.

Keeping up with your maintenance schedule is important because it can help keep your vehicle in great shape for many years -- no matter the model year.

In this article, we're going to show you the maintenance schedule for the Hyundai Sonata. You'll learn about the various replacements, inspections and other services that your vehicle needs to run efficiently. This is your Hyundai Sonata maintenance schedule.

When Should I Service My Hyundai Sonata?

Your maintenance schedule will consist of service intervals. These intervals will be segmented by mileage, and they'll correlate with a variety of services that you should have performed during your visit to your dealership or trusted auto service center. It's important to remember that you should repeat the specific services every time you add that mileage to your vehicle. Now that you know how to understand your maintenance schedule, you're ready to learn about all the services that can keep your Hyundai Sonata up to speed.

When Do I need an Oil Change, Tire Rotation, and more?

  • 7,500 Miles- When you reach this mileage, it's time to change your oil and your oil filter. Your tires should also be rotated during this visit so they can wear evenly. During this visit, you'll need to have your vacuum hose and air cleaner filter inspected.
  • 15,000 Miles- On top of the previously listed services, you're going to add a few more inspections to the list. Your brake hoses and lines, driveshafts and boots, as well as your disc brakes, pads, calipers and rotors should be inspected. You'll also want to have your steering gear box, linkage and boots looked at. This visit will also include an exhaust pipe and muffler inspection. You'll need to have your climate control air filter replaced when you reach this mileage.
  •  30,000 Miles-At this service interval, you'll need to have your fuel system inspected. This includes your fuel filter, fuel lines, hoses, vapor hose, filler cap and fuel tank air filter. You should also have your crankcase ventilation hose and brake fluid inspected.
  • 60,000 Miles- This service interval is like the spring cleaning for your car because every service listed lines up. The only new additions to this visit is that you'll have to replace your coolant and inspect your drive belts and valve clearance.
  • 105,000 Miles- When you finally reach this mileage, there's only one thing to add to this ever-growing list: your spark plugs. At this service interval, you'll need to replace your Iridium Coated spark plugs.

Getting the Right Maintenance at the Right Time

Now that you know your Hyundai Sonata maintenance schedule, you're ready to have your vehicle perform at its best. These services can also detect minor issues that could become bigger problems down the road. By keeping up with your maintenance schedule, you'll be ahead of the curve with your vehicle's health.

Do you need to schedule a service interval for your vehicle? Contact us at Fred Beans Hyundai. We're happy to help drivers from the Doylestown, Warrington and Chalfont area with their automotive needs.

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