Regularly scheduled maintenance visits are vital to the lifespan of your vehicle. Keeping up with the factory recommended maintenance at the appropriate intervals ensures your car operates at its optimum potential and that you get the most out of your vehicle. Drivers in the Doylestown, Pennsylvania, region can count on their local Fred Beans Hyundai dealership to keep their Hyundai Santa Fe in prime condition. 

Routine Maintenance

Maintenance schedules are based on mileage accumulation and time increments, but we're going to limit ours to mileage accumulation. Determining your maintenance schedule based off how many miles you've driven can be more accurate than basing it off of time intervals since there's a wide variation in the distances different people drive within a period of time.

As a general rule, there are a few maintenance procedures that require attention approximately every 7500 miles. These include replacing your engine oil and oil filter, rotating and balancing your tires, inspecting the condition of the car battery, and inspecting the vacuum hose. 

Your Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance Schedule

In addition to performing the maintenance procedures listed above every 7500 miles, there are other important milestones that require regular maintenance. 

  • 15,000 miles: When your car reaches 15,000 miles, it's time to replace the climate control air filter. It's also time for additional inspections for parts, including the brake hoses and lines, drive shafts and boots, exhaust pipe and muffler, brake disc, pads and calipers, propeller shaft, suspension mounting bolts, and the steering gear box.
  • 30,000 miles: Along with all prior maintenance procedures, it's time to inspect the brake fluid, fuel filter, fuel lines, hoses and connections, fuel tank air filter, parking brake, vapor hose, and fuel filler cap.
  • 60,000 miles: At 60,000 miles, it's time to add on more inspections for parts, such as the drive belts and valve clearance.
  • 75,000 miles: The rear axle fluid and transfer case oil also need inspections when your car hits 75,000 miles.
  • 105,000 miles: Along with the previous maintenance procedures, replace the iridium coated spark plugs at 105,000 miles.
  • 120,000 miles: When you reach 120,000 miles, it's time to replace the coolant.
  • 150,000 miles: The 150,000-mile marker is a big milestone for your vehicle. If you've kept up with the recommended maintenance, there's a good chance your car is still running reliably. At this point, it's time to perform all the above maintenance procedures. If you continue doing so at the appropriate intervals in the future, your car could keep going for years to come. 

Schedule Your Next Maintenance Appointment

With a better understanding of the maintenance schedule for your Hyundai Santa Fe, you can accurately schedule your next maintenance appointment. Contact your local Doylestown Fred Beans Hyundai today to schedule a visit with one of our experienced technicians. We're here to answer any questions you may have and to keep your car running better for longer.


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