Imagine a car that can help schedule an appointment when it needs care. Even call for help if you have an accident and let first responders know exactly where you are. These popular features, and more, are now included as a complimentary trial for one year (enrollment required) on most new Hyundai vehicles. See how Blue Link Connected Care will make the future of driving more carefree and safe.



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Remote Start with Climate Control
Start, cool or warmyour car before you ever get in.*

Automatic Collision Notification and Assistance
If an airbag is deployed, a signal, containing owner vehicle and location information, is immediately and automatically transmitted to the response center. Following this signal an operator will attempt to establish voice communication with the vehicle occupants and forward information to emergency services.

SOS Emergency Assistance
The driver presses the dedicated SOS button in the vehicle which sends vehicle information and location to specially trained operators who assist in coordinating the dispatch of appropriate emergency assistance.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance
With the single press of a button, drivers can contact Roadside Assistance and their vehicle information and location are automatically transmitted to a response center for quicker, more efficient assistance.

Remote Door
Lock & Unlock
Simply enter your PIN to lock or unlockyour Hyundai from wherever you are.  It's that easy.

Maintenance Alerts
Notifies the owner via MyHyundai.com, email or SMS message that an upcoming service is due, and explains what is included in particular maintenance intervals.

*Delayed availability. Features and Specifications subject to change.

Monthly Vehicle Health Report
On MyHyundai.com, owners can review the current health of their car and receive monthly reports of vehicle diagnostics.

Automated Diagnostic Trouble Code Notification
When owners receive a vehicle trouble code notification, this feature provides an explanation. Through a combination of in-vehicle display alerts and guided voice messages, the owner will learn what to do next. This information is automatically sent to the owner's preferred dealer to assist with the repair process.

Vehicle Web Diagnostics
Review the current health of your vehicle on MyHyundai.com.

Recall Advisor
In the event of a recall, Recall Advisor provides notification of recall campaigns via email, MyHyundai.com and on the in-vehicle display.

*Delayed availability. Features and Specifications subject to change.

Service Link
Use this feature to contact a Blue Link agent, schedule a service appointment and describe what is needed. For non-maintenance service, a recording of your request and a diagnostic snapshot of your vehicle will be sent directly to your preferred dealer to help them prepare for your service visit. You may also elect to speak to a live operator standing by for additional owner support.

On-Demand Diagnostics
and Alerts
We'll send you personalized vehicle health reports and let you know when it's time to schedule service.
Many car companies offer advanced on-board systems that automatically connect you to help in the event of an accident of breakdown. Some systems can even make monitoring and servicing your vehicle easier. Hyundai provides these features at no additional charge for one year. Blue Link Connected Care, just one more innovative way Hyundai Assurance has you covered when it counts.
Destination Search
powered by Google ™®
Find nearby destinations by simply pressing a button and saying where you want to go, right from the driver's seat.
It's Hyundai's innovative vehicle communications system that connects you to a variety of time-saving information and convenience features.
You can access Blue Link features via smartphone using the Blue Link mobile app, web application or the in-vehicle system. As part of Hyundai Assurance, one year of the Blue Link Connected Care Package comes complimentary on select Hyundai vehicles, and includes a comprehensive safety and car care package for peace of mind. The available Remote package adds a suite of convenient remote access and vehicle safeguard features, while the available Guidance package provides Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Destination Search powered by Google, and more.
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